Helping festivals and events give something back to the Irish landscape.

Events and festivals bring hundred of thousands of people to rural and urban green spaces all over Ireland and the UK every year.   Whilst most do all they can to manage the impact of their events on the local environment, we have found that many want to give something back and see trees planted locally.  This donations tool provides a simple way for festivals, fairs, fetes, shows and all sorts of events to plant trees in Ireland.

A responsible attitude to rubbish disposal and recycling, minimising traffic pollution, road, track and pasture damage, pollution of watercourses, hedges and ditches, pollution from generators, abandoned tents, food waste and sewage is a first priority.  However, contributing just €100 euros from the budget can put 100 trees into the ground locally and see a tangible positive impact on the local environment.  

Trees funded by events and festivals are planted in the county in which the festival takes place, at community sites and on farms and smallholdings.  Our festivals donations tool is easy and quick to use, with PayPal providing safe payment handling.  One Million Trees in One Day relies heavily upon donations from businesses to purhase and distribute trees in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  We are grateful for all donations, however small.

How to make an event or festival donation:

  1. Calculate your donation: 
    - €1 / £1 will cover the cost of planting at least one tree. 
    - For example €100 will plant at least 100 trees in the same county as your event.
    - This is an average figure based on the cost of buying trees, their distribution, planting and monitoring through to establishment.
    - We encourage events to be creative with the purpose of their donation.  For example - plant a tree for every act playing or for everyone attending the festival. 

  2. Make your donation:
    - Use the donations button below to make your donation. 

  3. Email us with details of your donation:
    Please include:
    - The festival or event name and address.
    - The dates of your festival or event.
    - The amount you have donated.
    - Let us know what you have planted trees for e.g. for every act at the festival or for every person buying a ticket.
    - Your logo, website, social networks and any other details you would like us to cover when we add you to our map. 
    - Email to

  4. We will email you:
    - With a printable certificate for your office and a website badge - showing how many trees you have planted and in which county. 
    - You will be listed on our Map of the Trees as a supporter (click here).
    - You will receive occasional newsletters from us with updates on the project and its planting work.