About the Team...

The One Million Trees in One Day team is made up of a huge number of professionals and volunteers all working together to bring the project to fruition.  The project has been developed by the Irish Natural Forestry Foundation in collaboration with the Woodland Trust in Northern Ireland.

The Irish Natural Forestry Foundation and The Woodland Trust in Northern Ireland sit together on a steering group working to develop and manage the project as it gets closer to its aim of planting a million trees in one day.

The Forestry Foundation (INFF)

The Forestry Foundation (INFF) is an Environmental NGO established in 2002 with charitable status working to promote sustainable forestry practices. The Forestry Foundation (INFF) focuses on education, research and advocacy and is based on a 320 acre estate in West Cork.

Link to site: www.inff.ie

The Woodland Trust in Northern Ireland

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. Its aims are to create new native woodland, to protect precious ancient woods and to restore those that are damaged. The Trust strives to inspire people up and down the country to visit woods, plant trees, and enjoy the many benefits that woodland has to offer.

Link to site: www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/plant-trees/

This initiative has been coordinated with patient and generous help and consultation from many individuals and organisations. The wider One Million Trees in One Day team is not in any way an exclusive group; the scale of this project requires that many people work together to make it a success. The team has a policy of common sense, forward thinking, flexible, practical, transparent, sustainable and good-humoured practice across all areas of the project. Any groups wishing to offer help to the project please do get in touch.